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Registration & Bursaries

We are happy to announce that registration to TRAC 2023 Exeter is now open!

We have set up a single conference General Entry ticket to which several add-ons can be added, depending on whether you would like to participate in person for the keynote speeches of Penelope Alisson and Tony Wilmott (to cover for our coffee/tea/room porterage costs) or the workshops for which participants numbers are limited.

The Early Bird rate (20£) is available until 11th April, with a full rate General Entry ticket (25£) from the 12th to 26th of April 2023.  

We have also introduced an optional donation box if you’d like to further help us, the Local Organising Committee, offer you the best possible experience. Any unclaimed funds will be used to support and sponsor future TRAC events.

To register and purchase a conference ticket please go to


TRAC prides itself on widening participation and promoting inclusivity in Roman Archaeology and traditionally offers bursaries for delegates to attend the annual conference. We believe that this has become even more important in the current cost of living crisis, which has financially affected many members of the TRAC community. Therefore, The Roman Society has kindly offered to provide funding towards these bursaries.

The TRAC2023 bursaries are available to anyone attending the conference regardless of employment sector/educational status; however, preference will be given to those not currently in academic employment or without PhD funding.

If you wish to apply for a TRAC2023 bursary please e-mail the information below to


Affiliation (if applicable)

Course (if a student)

Postal Address

Title of your paper/poster and the session in which it will be presented (if applicable)

Case for financial hardship and an explanation of how the bursary would be spent (max. 500 words)

After the event each recipient will be required to write a paragraph detailing the usefulness of the conference and bursary, and an outline of how the funds were spent. Delegates must also write to thank The Roman Society, as without them these bursaries would not be possible.

Bursaries will be paid to successful applicants after the conference.

The closing date for bursary applications is 6 PM (GMT)  Friday 14th April 2023!